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Samuel Adamson & Jean Lawson



 1-1.    SAMUEL ADAMSON bp. 7 Jan 1753, at Byers (Farm), Caerlaverock , Dumfriesshire, Scotland. Died 1st November 1824 aged 72 years.  Son of WILLIAM

           ADAMSON and JANET HENRY married JANE or Jean LAWSON b. abt. 1754 bp. 26 Jun 1754, in Caerlaverock, Died 5th May 1846 in the 94th year of her age.  

               Daughter of ROBERT LAWSON and HELEN HANNA, b. 26 Jan 1728, Dumfries. (Daughter of WILLIAM HANNA, occupation wright.)  NB Samuel was a  farmer,

           Nether Shearingtoun.


            Children of SAMUEL ADAMSON and JEAN LAWSON are:


1.     HELEN ADAMSON  b. abt. 1779 died 20th January 1852 aged 72 years Lived Woodlands, Caerlaverock, unmarried.


2.     WILLIAM ADAMSON  b. abt. 1780 died 1859. Lived Woodlands, Caerlaverock, unmarried.


3.     MARGARET ADAMSON b. 25th May 1782.  Died 25th  May 1817.


4.     ROBERT ADAMSON   b. abt. 1789 Caerlaverock. d Oct 10 1861.  Writer in Dumfries (Death Reg.), married ANN MCMILLAN (mother UNKNOWN

        HUNTER, father MCMILLAN)  NB. Ann died 1861 before husband Robert in Dumfries.

                 Children of ROBERT ADAMSON and ANN MCMILLAN:


     I.      MARGARET ADAMSON b. 1821, died 1859 in Anworth.  Married to THOMAS JOHNSTONE b. 1815. Minister of Anworth Parish, Kirkcudbrightshire, died 1875 in Anworth. 




i.      ANNE HARRIET JOHNSTONE b. 10 Dec 1842, Anworth, Kirkcudbrightshire married in 1865 to WILLIAM BLACK, a merchant from Montreal and son of

     Rev. Edward Black DD, early minister in Montreal.

ii.     JANET WILSON JOHNSTONE b. 5 Mar 1844, Anworth, married DAVID CULLEN, surgeon in army, was deputy surgeon general, in Cheltenham England

     in 1891, in Carlisle. NB.1881 census, must be in Gibraltar in 1871, died in Cheltenham in 1900, Obit in London Times, Jan 9 1900.

iii.    THOMAS JOHNSTONE b. 21 Mar 1847, died after 1881.

iv.   ROBERT ADAMSON JOHNSTONE b. 14 May 1851, died after 1875.

v.    LILIAS JOHNSTONE  b.abt 1856 Anworth died 1934 Colvend, Kirkcudbrightshire.  NB. Unmarried and living with her sister Janet in 1881, 1891 census.


    II.   JANE ADAMSON b.1823 unmarried, in Dumfries 1871, 1881 with sister Helen, in 1891 in Edinburgh with Helen.


    III.  MARY ANN ADAMSON b.1824.


    IV.  HELEN ADAMSON   b.1826 died Sept 28 1910 in Dumfries, NB  Death reported in London Times, as was her estate settlement Nov 1 1910, "Miss

          Helen Adamson, of Castlestreet Dumfries, who died on September 29, aged 84, left personal estate in the United Kingdom valued at ₤12,097 of which

          ₤9,689  is Scottish estate. She bequeathed ₤500 to the Sustenation Fund of the United Free Church of Scotland, ₤100 each to the Home Missions,

         the Foreign Missions and the Colonial Missions of the said Church and ₤500 to its Jewish Missions.


    V.   SAMUEL ADAMSON   b.1831- died 1880 in Dumfries, married Sarah Grierson McTurk Gibson. She and her children were in Kensington London in 1881.

          She died in Edinburgh in Sept 2nd 1910. Her death was reported in the London Times. Several children.


    VI.  WILLIAM ADAMSON   b.1834.  Died after 1901 in Lancashire.  Attended Wallace Hall Boarding School in Dumfries.   Moved to Toxeth Park, West

          Derby, Lancashire. NB He is there 1861-1901 census. Married Jessie Marshall or Burt. Sister HELEN ADAMSON is there in the 1901 census. 6 Children

          and very prosperous.  Seven household servants. He was a produce broker.


         Children of WILLIAM ADAMSON and JESSIE MARSHALL are:


i.            ROBERT ADAMSON   b. 1863, Liverpool, Lancashire, England.

ii.           JANE M. ADAMSON  b. 1865, Liverpool, Lancashire, England.

iii.          ANNIE M. ADAMSON  b. 1867, Liverpool, Lancashire, England.

iv.         JAMES B. ADAMSON  b. 1870, Liverpool, Lancashire, England.

v.          WILLIAM S. ADAMSON  b. 1874, Liverpool, Lancashire, England.

vi.         ARTHUR M. ADAMSON  b. 1875, Liverpool, Lancashire, England.



           5.     AGNES ADAMSON b. Jan 20 1790 Caerlaverock (OPR) d 1870 aged 82, married GEORGE HUNTER b.1788, Caerlaverock, Died 1876 age 88 in

                   Caerlaverock, lived at Lanarkland farm from 1861, 1871 census, in Glencaple 1841, 1851 census.


     Children of AGNES ADAMSON and GEORGE HUNTER are:


     I.     WILLIAM HUNTER b. bet 1817 - 1821. Nothing after 1841.


     II.     GEORGE HUNTER b. bet. 1816 - 1821, in 1841 writer's clerk in Dumfries, died 1876 at Bowhouse, Caerlaverock.  Unmarried.


     III.    ROBERT HUNTER b. abt. 1824 Caerlaverock, unmarried d 1904 New Abbey Kirkcudbright.


     IV.    ANN HUNTER b.28 Feb.1828 in Caerlaverock (OPR) unmarried died 1899 New Abbey Kircudbright.


     V.     MARY HUNTER b.abt 1826 in Caerlaverock, Died 1907, in Dumfries.  Married JAMES EDGAR, Master Mariner.


            Child of MARY HUNTER and JAMES EDGAR is:


i.  AGNES (EDGAR) HUNTER b.abt. 1854.  Died 1925. (Illegitimate)    


            Child of AGNES HUNTER and UNKNOWN is:

a.  ROBERT ADAMSON HUNTER b. abt.. 1873.   Agnes is living in the household of Robert Hunter in 1881, 1891 1901 census. (Illegitimate)


  VI.   JOHN HUNTER b.abt 1833 Caerlaverock died after 1901, at Bowhouse farm Caerlaverock.  NB 1881-1891 census living with sister Ann, then the family

         seems to move together to New Abbey, Kircudbrightshire with brother Robert, niece Agnes Edgar.



           6.     JANET ADAMSON (b. abt 1792?) married JOHN GOODALL, quarryman, both died before 1841? had children: (none married).


        Children of JANET ADAMSON and JOHN GOODALL are:


        I.   JEAN GOODALL b.abt 1812, 1841 Locharbriggs Village, 1851 Dumfries.

        II.   ELIZABETH GOODALL b.abt 1814, 1841, 1851 Dumfries, 1861 Maxwellton, Troqueer, Kircudbrightshire died 1861, in Edinburgh.

        III.  JOHN GOODALL b.abt 1816 writer, lived with sister Elizabeth. Died 1874.



          7.     SAMUEL ADAMSON b. 14 Mar 1796 (OPR) was writer in Dumfries (src Testament of William), not in census.


 2-1.   8.     MARY ADAMSON b.abt. 1797-1801, married JAMES BELL b. abt 1791 of Bengall, Dryfesdale, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. Died Unknown.  James is listed

                  as a Farm 'Grieve' NB. The Bells lived in Bengall and the Waughs their neighbors lived in Bengall Hill. 

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                Children of JAMES1 BELL and MARY ADAMSON are:


                i.        SAMUEL2 BELL  b. 18 Nov 1821, Bengall, Dryfesdale, Dumfries, Scotland.

                ii.       WILLIAM2 BELL  b. 9 Feb.1823, Bengall, Dryfesdale, Dumfries, Scotland.

                iii.      JESSIE WRIGHT2 BELL  b. 5 Jun 1825.  Bengall, Dryfesdale, Dumfriesshire.  Married 25 Mar 1849 to JOHN WAUGH  b. abt. 1821 or 1826, Lochmaben,


                iv.      JOHN2 BELL  b. 30 Apr 1828, Bengall, Dryfesdale, Dumfries, Scotland.

                v.    JOHN2 BELL   b. 26 Nov 1830, Bengall, Dryfesdale, Dumfries, Scotland. Died 1 Sep 1889. Married JANET EDGAR b.abt. 1834.

               vi.      RICHARD2 BELL b. 13 Mar 1833, Bengall, Dryfesdale, Dumfries, Scotland.

               vii.    ROBERT2 BELL  b. 19 Mar 1835, Bengall, Dryfesdale, Dumfries, Scotland.


          9.    GEORGE ADAMSON  born  22 Jan 1800. (Opr) died 1870 Dalbeattie, Kirkcudbrightshire, unmarried.



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